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    California's Local Community Health Plans

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    California's Local Community Health Plans
    A Story of Cost Savings, Quality, and Community Leadership (75 Min)

    Friday, February 19, 2010
    State Capitol, Room 112
    Sacramento, California

    Briefing explored new report prepared by Bobbie Wunsch, MBA and Tim Reilly, MA with Pacific Consulting Group and funding by The California Endowment.

    In nearly 30 years of operation, local community health plans have earned the support of Democrats and Republicans alike for their ability to provide high-quality Medi-Cal services at lower cost. Currently, there are major changes on the way to the California Medicaid program—moving many of its most vulnerable populations from a fee-for-service system into managed care. The presentation looks at California’s local community plans as they are uniquely positioned to serve the four broad initiatives. In addition it highlights how these local community health plans are distinguished from other Medi-Cal health plans in origin and purpose, market impact, and accomplishment.

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