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  • Low Income Health Care Program Conference

    October 19, 2011
    California State Capitol

    Thank you again for attending the session, we had a great turnout and we truly value your attendance.  As promised, we have posted the Power Point's from today’s session and hope this information will help you with your work.

    To download PDFs, please click the icons to the left.


    California Correctional Health Care Services
    State Inmate Low Income Health Program

    David Hale, Health Program Manager II


    Low Income Health Programs
    A Bridge to Reform

    Gloria Nagle, PH.D, MPA


    The ABC’s of LIHP: Application & Enrollment, Building & Maintaining a Provider Network, and Coordination of Care

    Dr. James Gerson
    Shari Doi


    Riverside County Health Care

    Application and Enrollment: Program Growth
    Building and Maintaining a Provider Network: Network Adequacy
    Cooridination of Care: Medical Homes


    California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems
    The Low Income Health Program: Opportunities and Risks for Counties

    Nancy Kaatz Vice President, Finance Policy


    San Mateo County Health System

    SrijaSrinivasan, Director of Strategic Operations


    San Francisco Department of Public Health
    Low Income Health Program and Ryan White Care Program

    Bill Blum, COO Comm. Oriented Primary Care & Interim Dir HIV Health Services
    Tangerine Brigham, Deputy Dir of Health & Dir of Healthy San Francisco


    San Bernardino County Department of Public Health
    Building the Bridge to Healthcare Reform for Ryan White Clients

    Trudy Raymundo, Assistant Director


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