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    GACI provides podcasts of useful and engaging information to promote public understanding of policy issues.  Some of the podcasts listed on this page are part of an ongoing series; others were completed as stand-alone events and contain valuable information.  We thank the dedicated speakers for donating their time and expertise.   If you have suggestions for issues or speakers you would like to hear, please let us know.  Podcasts are an excellent way to exchange information and hear from experts without the costs of conferences and lecture series

    Covered California’s Enrollment Assistance Program Recording Date: March 2014

    Speaker: Suzie Shupe, the executive director for California Coverage & Health Initiatives

    California is undergoing a massive the enrollment challenge. Listen to a short podcast with Suzie Shupe and where Suzie explains the how Covered CA is helping Californians enroll in coverage.  

    Workshop with Brenda Premo: And Introduction to Assisting with People with Disabilities Recording Date: June 2012

    Workshop Leader: Brenda Premo

    Listen in to a GACI workshop where staff were trained on the culture and current language to use while assisting persons with disabilities at events. Brenda Premo is a champion for disability rights as founding director of Western University's Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions. Notably was named by President Ronald Regan to serve on the National Council on Disability in 1986. As a Council member she helped develop language for legislation which evolved into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed by Congress in 1990. She is also a member of the California Collaborative.  

    Realizing Double and Triple Bottom Line Outcomes from California’s Investments in Infrastructure Recording Date: April 2012

    Speaker: Rubén Lizardo, Deputy Director at PolicyLink

    Hear about how investments in infrastructure could create jobs and ensure our country is a more competitive economically with this podcast. For more information and to see a full report, please click here.  

    Prevention Models Working in California Recording Date: June 2011

    Speaker: Linda Shak, Program Manager, Prevention Institute

    Listen to Linda Shak share a few successful prevention models at work in California.  

    Benefits of Prevention Recording Date: June 2011

    Speaker: Ann Whidden, Program Manager, Prevention Institute
    Discussing the benefits of prevention, economical and otherwise, Ann Whidden joins us for a timely segment for the Prevention Institute.

    Best Practices in Access to Healthy Foods   Recording Date: June 2011

    Speaker: Genoveva Islas-Hooker, Regional Program Coordinator, Central California Regional Obesity Program
    Genoveva Islas-Hooker addresses the issue of access to fresh, healthy produce by presenting best practices.

    Healthy App Online Enrollment System Recording Date: June 2011

    Speaker:  Janette Casillas, Executive Director, Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board
    Janette Casillas talks about the Healthy App, an online enrollment system for Healthy Families, and successes, especially during a different time of the year. 

    Health Impact Assessments & Healthy Communities Recording Date: July 2011

    Speaker:  Shireen Malekafzali, Senior Associate, PolicyLink
    Shireen Malekafzali defines what a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is and touches on how it can be used to create healthy, sustainable communities.

    Educational Publications
    In addition to educating policy makers at a variety of educational face-to-face experiential  programs GACI has communicated messages and research findings through publishing and contributing to a number of publications, books and articles. Visit the GACI Publications page for a complete listing of GACI publications.

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