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  • Player's Guide to the Capitol: California Lawmakers (2013-14)

    Effective Involvement in public policy hinges on your understanding of the State Legislature and its key players. The Capitol can be an intimidating place - not knowing where to turn or how to be heard can discourage participation. But with a small amount of knowledge, the legislative process can be accessible to any Californian or group who wants to have a voice in public policy.

    Government Action & Communication Institute (GACI) has spent over six months gathering vital information to aide lobbyists, advocates and the general public of all experience levels in influencing policy. This handbook, The Player’s Guide to the Capitol, provides the basic knowledge needed so that you know where to go, whom to see, and how to make your points and gives you up to date information on key contacts in each office.

    This guide was published with two different covers to please our Republican and Democratic friends.  

    Also see the Democratic cover. Click to enlarge.

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    See Democratic Cover Here

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